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Jill Osborne is the president and founder of the Interstitial Cystitis Network, a health education company dedicated to interstitial cystitis, bladder pain syndrome and other pelvic pain disorders. She is the editor of the IC Chef Cookbook (2015) and serves as editor of the IC Optimist quarterly magazine. She spends the majority of her time developing new, internet based educational and support tools for IC patients, including the “Living with IC” video series currently on YouTube and the ICN Food List smartphone app! My Google Profile+

Fresh Strawberry Glazed Cheesecakes (No Bake)

Lighter cheesecakes often combine cream cheese, yogurt and/or whip cream that are refrigerated and perfect for a late Spring or Summer treat! Ingredients Crust 2 cups graham crackers, crushed 5 Tablespoons unsalted butter, melted Kosher salt, to taste Filling 2 8oz packages of plain, full-fat cream cheese (softened) 1/2 cup sugar 2 tsp lemon juice [...]

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Berry Topped Mini Cheesecakes

While bringing a large, rich cheesecake to a family gathering can create treasured memories, sometimes it's just too heavy and too much. Spring time needs lighter desserts that rely on fresh ingredients. Here's a recipe guaranteed to satisfied traditional cheesecake fans yet in a perfect, lighter calorie portion. Have fun with your toppings too! Ingredients [...]

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Pumpkin Drop Cookies with Cream Cheese Frosting

If you haven't had a pumpkin drop cookie, you've missed a very special autumn treat. Topped with cream cheese frosting, these cookies are served cool and are a perfect accompaniment to your favorite warm fall drink! Spices are optional for patients who are extra sensitive!  Ingredients 1 cup butter, softened 1/2 cup packed brown sugar 1/4 cup [...]

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Butternut Squash Pasta Sauce

If you love pasta but can't tolerate acidic tomato, you should try a butternut squash pasta sauce. It's perfect for Autumn, very easy to make, lower in acid and remarkably good! There are several brands of butternut squash pasta sauce on the market, most notably from Stonewall Kitchen and Dave’s Gourmet, which won Best Pasta Sauce [...]

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Pumpkin Apple Streusel Muffins

After graduate school, I spent a year living in Fort Bragg on California’s Mendocino Coast where the Laurel Street Deli & Bakery enticed the locals with the most amazing homemade muffins. Twenty years later, I still have fantasies about their rich, moist flavorful Pumpkin Apple Streusel muffins. Here’s a recipe that comes close but if [...]

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Favorite Fall Recipes With Pumpkin And Butternut Squash

There’s something about the Fall season that inspires even reluctant cooks to venture into the kitchen to take a stab at making something seasonal. From pumpkin bread to butternut squash soup, the flavors of fall are rich, healthy and, thankfully, very bladder friendly! Winter squash is also packed with nutrients. A cup of butternut squash [...]

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Enjoy A Soda Again, Italian Style

Make Your Own Italian Soda If you're one of the many who savored drink ice cold sodas EVERY DAY during the summer months, a diagnosis of IC can be a terrible blow! Typical sodas contain very high levels of caffeine and citric acid which are virtually guaranteed to cause bladder pain and irritation. And, if [...]

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Pecan Pie – Healthy & Delicious

Thanksgiving Tip 4: Dessert For our family, playing games Thanksgiving evening when everyone is ready to sit, relax and settle down is the perfect way to end the day. My mom, age 86, still loves to play Apples to Apples, The Train Game, Pictionary and even charades, causing much laughter and good times for every generation [...]

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Gluten-Free Cornbread Stuffing With Sausage, Apples & Roasted Pecans

Thanksgiving Tip #2 - The Stuffing You've probably had many great debates about the type of stuffing to use in your bird. Some like the simple white bread, celery and onion route while others prefer something fancier with sausage, fruits, nuts and so forth. When you struggle with a sensitive bladder, stomach and/or bowel, however, [...]

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Yay! The IC Diet Project Continues

With the sale of the supplement Prelief to a new company, DSE Healthcare Solutions LLC, we are thrilled to announce that the IC Diet Project will continue under the new company. We'll be publishing new, fun and seasonal recipes every month through the rest of 2015. DSE Healthcare provides products for patients who struggle with [...]

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