What is Prelief?

Prelief® is a safe and effective over-the counter product that can help remove up to 95% of acid irritant from foods and beverages. Prelief® helps minimize food-caused bladder discomfort, occasional heartburn and other food acid problems before they happen*. In addition, each Prelief® caplet deliver about 6.4% of your calcium RDI.

Why is reducing the acid in food necessary?

Many people are highly sensitive to food acid. In many cases of acid discomfort, the problem lies with obvious or unsuspected food acid. Removing up to 95% of the acid irritant from food will allow most acid-vulnerable people to stay comfortable when eating those foods.

How is Prelief different from other acid blockers?

  • Prelief® is drug-free.
  • Prelief® is a dietary supplement.
  • Prelief® is an acid fighter, not an acid blocker. It removes up to 95% of the acid in foods and drinks so that you acid-sensitive individuals can avoid discomfort.
  • Prelief® works on the food, not your body, so it must be taken proactively – with food.
  • Most acid blockers work by attempting to change how much acid the body produces. Prelief® does not attempt to change your body’s natural acid production. It is a fundamentally different idea.

Where can you purchase Prelief?

Prelief® is available nationally at Walgreens and Rite Aid. It is also available at Wegmans. You can also ask your local pharmacy to order the product and most can have it within 24 hours. It is also available on-line through the IC Network Shop!