Pancake Heaven

Frosty mornings beckon for the quintessential breakfast food – pancakes. Hot buttery goodness covered with your choice of syrup, fruit, powdered sugar or, for many, folded and eaten by hand. For the acid sensitive patient, pancakes are a great way to start your day. Quick & Easy Pancakes You can certainly make your pan- cakes [...]

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Blueberry Breakfast Casserole

For those special morning occasions, such as Mother's or Father's Day, Easter or a special birthday celebration, this lovely recipe creates an amazingly flavorful and fun breakfast casserole sure to please family members of all ages. Simply put.. it's yummy! Blueberry Breakfast Casserole Ingredients: 12 slices homemade-type white bread 16 oz. cream cheese, cubed 1 [...]

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Avocado Toast – The Perfect Breakfast or Lunch!

With the arrival of Fall, you'll find the last of the California Avocado crop on your market shelf but, take heart, there is an abundant supply year round imported from other countries. Not only is avocado remarkably low in acid, it is one of our most under appreciated vegetables. Avocado can shine at every meal. [...]

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Fresh Strawberry Muffins

Yes, we know that blueberry muffins are a national favorite but have you ever had blackberry or strawberry muffins? In the small northern california town of Mendocino, you'll often find fabulous olallieberry muffins or jams. Most berry muffin recipes can be adapted based upon the berry you are using. Just make sure they are fresh [...]

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Churros – Celebrating Mexican Cuisine

Churros are in Mexico what doughnuts are in the U.S. But rather than being round, these are like long sticks. They are especially wonderful when freshly made and served warm. (I like dunking them in hot chamomile tea). CHURROS Ingredients 2 cups vegetable oil 1 cup water 1/2 cup margarine 1/4 tsp. salt 1 cup [...]

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Slow Cooker Pear and Applesauce

If you're struggling with a tender stomach, gut, throat or bladder, sometimes you just have to go back to the basics... a gentle applesauce that will go down easily and provide some light nourishment. Registered dietitian Julie Beyer RDN offers a simple recipe for apple and pear sauce that is simple, fresh and refreshing. With thin skinned [...]

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Pumpkin Apple Streusel Muffins

After graduate school, I spent a year living in Fort Bragg on California’s Mendocino Coast where the Laurel Street Deli & Bakery enticed the locals with the most amazing homemade muffins. Twenty years later, I still have fantasies about their rich, moist flavorful Pumpkin Apple Streusel muffins. Here’s a recipe that comes close but if [...]

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Oatmeal Yogurt Parfaits – Probiotic Series

Breakfast Made Simple & Probiotic Friendly The soluble fiber in oatmeal and chia seeds, combined with the healthy bacteria of the Greek yogurt and natural sugars of fresh fruit is a quick combo of microbiome friendly ingredients to start your day out right! Recipe is for one oatmeal yogurt parfait. Ingredients ¾ to 1 cup [...]

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Cinnamon Pear Smoothie – Probiotic Series

Yogurt Based Smoothes Offer Probiotics This smoothie recipe, featuring fresh fruit, Greek yogurt, and natural sugars is a great way to nurture the good bacteria “guests” in your intestinal tract! Ingredients 1 ripe fresh pear ½ cup milk (vanilla almond milk, or skim, low-fat, or whole cow’s milk) 1 cup Greek yogurt ½ banana (optional) 1 [...]

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Cuban Omelet with Bell Pepper – Healthy Breakfast Choice

You shouldn't be afraid of the flavors of fresh herbs and some spices. Here's a Cuban omelet recipe that uses a tiny bit of cumin, garlic and cilantro to start your day with a high protein and very flavorful meal! Enjoy! Cuban Omelet with Bell Pepper 1 cup cooked black or pinquito beans, (rinsed and drained [...]

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