italiansodasMake Your Own Italian Soda

If you’re one of the many who savored drink ice cold sodas EVERY DAY during the summer months, a diagnosis of IC can be a terrible blow! Typical sodas contain very high levels of caffeine and citric acid which are virtually guaranteed to cause bladder pain and irritation. And, if you drink it every day, that flare could last for months or even years. The bladder simply cannot repair itself if you continue to pour acid through the bladder every day, much less every hour!

So, what’s your next best option?? Make an Italian Soda using a low sodium mineral water (i.e. San Pellegrino) & a fruit syrup! You’ll might be surprised to learn that there are dozens of flavors available at specialty markets and on-line. Obviously, you’ll need to avoid sugar free syrups and strong citrus flavors like lemon, lime and orange.

Try these flavors!

  • raspberry
  • blue raspberry
  • blackberry
  • blueberry
  • cherry
  • coconut
  • melon
  • blueberry
  • mango
  • peach

Just remember that an Italian soda should have a pale blush of color, roughly one shot of flavoring per glass of water. If it’s dark, you’ve used too much flavoring and are getting an overdose of sugar! These sodas are lighter and much more refreshing! Serve with plenty of crushed ice!

You can’t go wrong with Flavorganics Raspberry Syrupwith a sprig of mint on top! Torani Syrup, Assorted Summer Flavors, 750-ML (Pack of 6) are quite popular but contain more citric acid and colorings! Use these in very small quantities, diluted with plenty of water!