Avocado Dip, Topping or Spread

When you think avocado, you probably think first of guacamole but avocado also works wonderfully as a topping for hamburgers, grilled chicken, or even cold meat sandwiches! Of course, you can also modify it to use as a dip for vegetables or chips! Ingredients 1 seeded and peeled avocado 1 to 2 t. finely chopped [...]

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Low-Acid Confetti Tomato Salsa

Fresh salsa is a staple of summer barbecues but, sadly, it can often contain high levels of acid. Don't want to be left out? Try this yummy version that uses lower acid yellow tomatoes that have all the flavor without the burn! Low Acid Confetti Tomato Salsa Ingredients 2 large yellow or heirloom tomatoes, diced [...]

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