Warm Comfort Foods For Fall

heartyoatmealFall is definitely in the air… and the crisp cool weather makes me want to be active outdoors during the day and enjoy warm comforting food in the evening. Fall is ragweed season too, and studies have shown that allergies are common in people with IC. Like many people, I combat the mold spores and ragweed pollen with antihistamines, but since those medications tend to be drying to the system, I find fall is a also a good time to include more fiber in my diet. Like many of us, I have IBS, so I have to be careful of what kind of fiber I include— bran, for instance, is definitely out. I also try to keep well hydrated, so soups for lunch fill the bill perfectly.

There are many delicious and comforting fall foods that are fiber-rich. One of my breakfast favorites is hot oatmeal. My family thinks it’s odd because they know I can’t stand the slippery texture of oatmeal that’s been cooked with water. But on cool fall mornings I do like a bowl of hot oatmeal done this way.

Put a quarter-cup of dry Quaker Quick-oats in a bowl, douse it with milk just to cover the oats, and pop it in the microwave for a minute or so. Add a bit more milk if needed. It’s then ready to top with IC-safe condiments that make it a treat.

  • Try a few drops of almond extract, some chopped almonds, and a chopped fresh pear.
  • A dash of cinnamon, a spoonful of maple syrup, and a handful of organic preservative-free raisins.
  • A quarter-cup of fresh blueberries and a dash of nutmeg.
  • A swirl of brown sugar, some sunflower seeds, and a few chopped sulfite-free dates.

by Bev Laumann

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About the Author:

Bev Laumann authored the first formal cookbook for interstitial cystitis: A Taste of the Good Life – A Cookbook for an IC Diet which has helped thousands of patients navigate the complex dietary demands of IC. A former IC support group leader (Orange County, CA), Bev was one of the first to create a formal IC foods list and developed the three column format of “Safe” “Try It” and “Caution” food lists which, over the years, have been expanded greatly. Also the author of the “Fresh Tastes by Bev” feature column, she is one of the most knowledgeable and respected patient advocates in the USA.